The Fruits Exported To Europe

Import and export of fruits is one of the very subject that many people are interested, especially the business fruit items and want to increase profits not only domestic but also foreign markets. Standard exporting fruit to Europe is also one of the problem for many investors. Because Europe has always set the standard extremely strict. So where is the fruit exports to Europe are very much appreciated? And the note around the theme what is this? Find out now following you!

The fruits exported to Europe is greatly appreciated and popular

Agricultural production of Europe will include the products such as cereals, vegetables, fruits and sugar. The main part of the agricultural products are exported to Europe will include the products such as meat, poultry, dairy, fruit, olives and vegetables. A number of agricultural commodities or fruit of Vietnam is exporting, shipping, popular to European countries is vegetables, coffee, longan, lychee, coconut, passion fruit and jackfruit. Along with that is the product from two types of agricultural products, coconut and jackfruit.

the fruits exported to Europe

In the figures by Eurostat announced in 2017, the total value of export of agricultural products between the world and Europe is 275 billion euros

The note that you can't miss!

Quality assessment of agricultural products of fruits for export to Europe

First, you need to note about the quality of agricultural products when conducting export goods to Europe. The reason is because the people of Europe are very high in terms of health. And agricultural products of you need to meet the habit of eating a healthy diet of them. In 2017, the vegetable is one of the main parts of agricultural imports to Europe, accounting for about 48%. Import and export of agricultural products, animals and plants are respectively 20% and 32%.

Food law comes from the EU will ask the competent authority of the country export given the guarantee, as well as compliance with the requirements for food, especially the food derived from animals. The authorities competent in Europe always conduct monitoring to ensure that the exporting countries to maintain and comply with the criteria due to the activity of the European union put out, especially Regulation no. 882/2004.

Therefore, the standard given for the fruits exported to Europe is extremely high. And if you are a business that are willing to export to the European market, the fruits of, you need to ensure the absolute quality.

The demand for the fruits exported to Europe, each region is different

When the export of agricultural products to Europe, you should choose the country consume more agricultural products and vegetables compared with other countries. According to the data of FAO, the supply of vegetables in Southern Europe will be higher compared to Northern Europe. In Northern Europe, the average offer is 195g a person in a day, which is about 71 up on a person in a year. However, in Southern Europe, supplies, on average, will be 756g each person on each day.

fruits export

You need to learn and study carefully that I will export to any country before proceed to the process of exporting goods to Europe

Need to note carefully and reviews were correct, the rules and regulations in the export of fruits to Europe

The requirements for certification and accreditation of Europe is extremely important for the success of business operations, export your business. Regulation (EC) 178/2002 (food Law General) is specified is given with the principles of the requirements of food Law for the European union.

Certificate of health is extremely necessary to export the agricultural products in Europe. Besides, the quality certificate is also required to market products with a label. Specific certification is required the most popular today, which is GLOBAL G. A. P. This is considered the minimum standard to export a commodity in a country of Europe.

The majority of buyers in the countries of North-West Europe also requires the business to meet the global standards BRC before proceeding with the goods on the supermarket business and trade. Besides, the buyer also requires businesses to comply with the program standards IFS food or the program quality food safety SQF or FSSC 22.000.

standard exporting fruit to Europe

Besides being the standard difficulty to another


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