How to Transport Durian Long Distances for Export

How to Transport Durian Long Distances for Export

Fruits are one of the export items that bring significant economic value to the country. Therefore, preserving fruits for long-distance transportation is crucial for businesses. Exported fruits must meet high standards in both quality and appearance. Especially for high-value fruits like durian, improper preservation during long-distance transport can lead to significant losses. So, how should durians be transported over long distances? Let's see how HNT Logistics, with over 12 years of experience, transports durians.

How to Transport Durian Over Long Distances

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Standard packaging is the first step to protect durians throughout the long journey.

Proper Packing to Preserve Durian for Long-Distance Transport

Durian may look robust with its thick, hard shell, but this shell can crack quickly once the fruit is ripe. Moreover, exported durians are also evaluated for their appearance. Besides having large, firm, aromatic, and golden-yellow flesh, the shell needs to stay fresh, with intact spikes, and not broken or damaged. Therefore, packing requires special attention from the growers. 

To ensure the best state of the durians, growers or businesses should use the following packing method before handing them over to the transport partners. This effective packing method is suitable for preserving durians during long-distance transport:

  • Select sufficiently ripe durians: Clean them and dry the stalk. This step can be skipped for non-export durians.
  • Pack the durians into specialized cartons: Usually, these are three-layer cartons with many air holes and an outer PE film coating for moisture resistance. 
  • Do not overstuff the carton: Place a layer of cardboard between each durian to prevent impact and shaking, protecting their appearance during transport.
  • Clearly label the packing date, shipping date, and contact information on the carton. Attach appropriate labels as required.
  • If not immediately loaded into the container, store the cartons in a cold warehouse at +11°C to +16°C.

Safe Long-Distance Transport of Durian

For long journeys, maintaining the preservation of durians throughout transport is essential. The best solution is to entrust this task to logistics companies specializing in agricultural imports and exports. Reasons include:

  • Proficiency in customs procedures to minimize time.
  • Specialized equipment such as GPSand refrigerated containers for transport.
  • Familiarity with routes and border crossings to minimize delays and destination errors.
  • Experience to promptly recognize and report the shipment's status, enabling timely and appropriate action.

Using international shipping services incurs additional fees, but this offsets the risk of losses due to delays or damage. Compared to the workload involved in the transport and export process, these fees are entirely justified.

Preserved fruit hauls.

You should choose a logistics provider with extensive experience in transporting fruits.

How HNT Logistics Transports Durian for Road Exports

HNT Logistics follows the following method for transporting durian long distances.

Warehouse Loading Stage

At this stage, the driver follows these steps:

  • Clean and dry the container beforehand, and ensure the refrigeration system functions correctly and stably.
  • Load the cartons into the container in two to three batches to achieve optimal refrigeration. For urgent orders requiring one-time loading, inform the customer and driver in advance for proper handling.
  • Each row up containerthe driver will take clear photos in full in the correct way. These images are kept for comparison with the customer arising from deviations in number compared with the time to finish at beach, China. Therefore, the angle will be shown how high line to control the quality.
  • Plug the container into the power grid to achieve optimal cooling, while the driver monitors and updates the temperature 2-3 times daily until departure.
  • Confirm temperature settings and other parameters at departure, documenting with messages and photos.
  • Install rear container supports to prevent cargo shifting and seal the container for safety.

This is process is used to preserve fruits hauls of the company.

During Transport

Drivers update the cargo status every 5 hours: 

  • Checkpoints at 7 am, 12 pm, 5 pm, and 10 pm daily.
  • Record internal and external container temperatures (supply and return).
  • Monitor the fruit's aroma intensity (mild, moderate, or strong).

Based on these updates, shippers can adjust the container's temperature settings to extend preservation time.

Shipping durian like?

HNT Logistics enables real-time temperature monitoring via GPS devices.

At the Cleaning Yard 

Upon arrival, the driver takes photos and videos of the container seal being cut. Once the container is opened, the staff uses thermometers to check the fruit at random spots.

During unloading, the staff verifies the labels on the cartons, baskets, and fruit stalks match the initial declaration. Any discrepancies are reported immediately for appropriate handling.

During the cleaning process, the staff continues to update the status of the goods' quality. 

  • Report the quantity and weight of damaged or infested fruits.
  • Reinforce and mark damaged packaging.
  • Reload the container accurately and document the process as in the warehouse.

After cleaning, the goods are reloaded onto the container and counted to ensure they match the initial count. The process and recording of videos and photos at this stage are similar to those in the warehouse. This is a general rule followed by HNT Logistics in transporting durians over long distances.

At the Vietnam Quarantine Yard, Preparing for China

HNT Logistics staff oversee the process, ensuring accurate handling. The process is recorded to minimize losses.

Report the quantity to customs and quarantine.

Photograph and video the container seal before entering China.

At the Chinese Quarantine Yard

The Chinese customs cut the seal for inspection.

Post-inspection, the driver verifies the quantity and documents it with photos and videos.

At the Chinese Delivery Yard

The driver supervises the quality and quantity inspection.

If the process takes several days, the driver updates daily photos of the container, including temperature and cargo status, to ensure optimal conditions until delivery.

HNT Logistics always emphasizes maintaining standard temperature control for fruit shipments.

HNT Logistics always emphasizes maintaining standard temperature control for fruit shipments.


The driver obtains confirmation from the Chinese company that all cargo has been received, then reports back with weight tickets.

The driver returns only after all procedures are completed, concluding the transport process.

Conclusion on Preserving Fruits for Long-Distance Transport

Now you know how HNT Logistics transports durian. HNT’s meticulous process focuses on temperature and quantity control, ensuring the safety of the container's cargo throughout the journey.

If you need to preserve durian for long-distance transport, contact HNT Logistics today.