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Sea freight

In the context of the global economy, the transportation of goods around the world is no longer anything strange. In all forms of shipping, shipping services, international sea is always the business priority. Why is this so? Let's HNT find out through this article here!

Shipping sea cargo

Shipping sea cargo is?

Shipping sea cargo is?

Transportation of goods by sea is the use of physical facilities and infrastructure, coastal, along with other vehicles such as ships and boats to transport goods from one place to another.

Today, most countries have sea are tap forms of transport this cargo. Even, some landlocked country still use measures feeder to bring the goods to the nearest sea port for the international shipping.

Is one of the forms of transportation appears the earliest. Carriage of goods by sea always play an important role. With the strong development of the global economy, more and more businesses choose this form to promote trade in goods.

Pros and cons of shipping services, sea cargo international

Advantages and disadvantages of this form of shipping this

Advantages and disadvantages of this form of shipping this

Any form will also have the pros and cons separately. So, to help you better understand service sea freight international. Let's find out advantages and disadvantages of this form, please.

Advantages of service sea freight international

  • The ability to transport a large scale: The sea can contain hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo. From industrial machines to consumer goods such as food and clothing.
  • Reasonable cost: sea Transport to provide shipping cost quite a savings. This is useful for companies that want to minimize the logistics cost to maximize profit.
  • Environmentally friendly: Shipping goods by sea is choosing friendly with environment. Because it creates emissions CO2 less than air freight.
  • High safety: regulations, safety standards in maritime transport are very strict. This ensures goods are safe transport from point of origin to destination.

Disadvantages of service sea freight international

  • Duration shipping: shipping process usually takes longer time than other means such as air transport or rail.
  • Need coordination with other means: Sometimes, to delivery on time, work to combine shipping by sea with other means. For example, road or air is necessary.
  • Train speed is low and depends on natural conditions: the move Speed of the train is often lower than the means of transport to another. At the same time it also depends on weather conditions and the elements of nature to another.

The goods often use the service sea freight international

Packaged goods

The goods often use services, sea freight

The goods often use services, sea freight

Packaged goods are usually shipped by sea. For example, the types of products such as food, electronics, clothing, ... They are placed in the container to protect from environmental elements and ensure the safety and efficiency from the source of supply to the market consumption.

Liquid goods

Petroleum, chemicals and the product derivatives is usually shipped by sea. The ship is designed with tank sealed to prevent leaks and ensure safety for liquid goods.

Goods left

Kinds of goods, such as coal, grains, iron and steel and other building materials are transported by sea in an effective way. The arrangement on the ship, bulk carrier with large capacity helps to transport the goods leave becomes convenient and economic.

Goods cold

The note when selecting shipping service sea international

The note when selecting shipping service sea international

Frozen food, medicines and products require storage temperature instruments can be transported by container ship cold. Cooling system on ships to maintain proper temperature. To protect the product quality during shipping.

The note when selecting shipping service sea international

  • The experience and reputation is very important when choosing unit shipping sea cargo. Please give priority to select the units have many years of experience in the industry and has been highly rated by the quality of service.
  • Transport capacity is another factor to consider. Make sure to choose the unit has a fleet, vehicle fleet, warehousing, equipment and manpower strong enough. This ensures freight safely and on time.
  • Most important is comparing the price of the unit to choose the most reasonable prices. Please note factors such as the volume of goods, type of goods, shipping route, and additional services.
  • Quality of service also plays an important role. Learn about the consulting services, customer support, packaging, loading and unloading of goods. Or insurance services to ensure the professionalism and dedication from shipping partners.
  • Finally, the safety of goods is indispensable. Select units have a reputation in the protection of the goods during shipping. Requires protective measures such as cargo insurance, surveillance and anti-theft system to minimize risk.


Carriage of goods by sea is a shipping method popular. To be able to ensure the goods are safe shipping, you should choose the shipping unit of the prestigious and professional. 

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