What is Freight Shipping Service? How is it Classified?

What is Freight Shipping Service? How is it Classified?

Are you looking for truck freight services and came across the term freight shipping service? Is it a term referring to any special type of goods? In this article, HNT Logistics will answer your questions. Read on to learn more about North-South freight services and interprovincial freight services that you may need.

What is freight shipping service?

Freight is not a special type of goods. It is simply the English term for shipping goods. Therefore, freight shipping service refers to the professional transportation of goods from one place to another. 

Dịch vụ vận chuyển hàng hóa bằng xe tải.

Transporting by truck or container is one form of freight.

While the concept is simple, this is a vast and complex field. Therefore, when delving into details, there are many different classifications. From this, various services also arise. For example, what kind of goods you need to transport, by what means, and in what quantity. Additionally, there are individual services such as handling, packing, preserving, and delivery. In many practical cases, people simply use the term freight for brevity.

Freight plays a very important role in the global supply chain. It helps connect businesses and consumers around the world. When this service develops well, the price of goods also improves.

Here are a few common classifications.

Classification by mode of transport

Freight shipping by truck

This is the most common form of transportation, using trucks, containerand pickup trucks to transport goods. This type is suitable for short routes, transporting small or medium-sized quantities of goods.

In our country, road freight services include:

  • North-South freight service: Typically serves export purposes.
  • Interprovincial freight service: Meets domestic production and consumption needs.

Freight shipping by ship

Containers or bulk cargo ships are used for sea transport. This form is suitable for transporting large quantities of goods over long distances. In our country, most sea freight is import-export goods.

Freight shipping by plane

Using cargo planes to transport goods. This form is suitable for transporting high-value goods or those requiring quick delivery. This is the most expensive form of transportation.

Freight shipping by train

Using freight trains to transport goods. This form is suitable for large quantities of goods over long distances, such as raw materials.

Multimodal freight shipping

Combining different types of transport to move goods. For example, sea transport combined with road transport, or air transport combined with road transport.

Dịch vụ vận chuyển hàng hóa Bắc Nam.

A professional company can offer multiple transportation methods.

Classification by type of goods

This classification is also very important, determining the type of service you choose. Logistics companies often specialize in certain types of goods. The common classification system includes:

  • General goods: Includes common goods such as consumer products, industrial goods, agricultural products.
  • Hazardous goods: Includes goods that can pose a danger to humans and the environment, such as chemicals, explosives, , radioactive materials.
  • Perishable goods: Includes goods that are easily perishable and require special transportation conditions, such as food, fruits, and medicines that need refrigerated containers.
  • High-value goods: Includes goods with high material value, such as gold, precious stones, electronics.

Classification by service scope

Export-import services

This service helps bring goods in and out of the country, allowing Vietnamese goods to be distributed worldwide and enabling domestic consumers to access foreign goods and materials. With current trade development international shipping services are strongly supported by the state. Compared to the domestic services below, export-import services include more stages. In addition to standard handling, packing, and transportation steps, there are also customs clearance procedures.

North-South freight service

Dịch vụ vận chuyển hàng hóa liên tỉnh.

Interprovincial freight service

In our country, North-South freight service plays a very important role. It connects the two ends of the country and serves many industries. The customers of this service are diverse, including both businesses and individuals.

On the North-South route, people often use truck or train freight services.

Interprovincial freight service

Interprovincial freight service is a domestic route but with shorter distances. This service creates a network connecting provinces across the country, contributing to economic development and social life.

HNT Logistics – A reliable shipping company

Freight is a broad concept. Few companies can truly meet all transport needs. Customers need to discuss from the start the type of goods, the route, and the desired means of transport.

If you are unsure who to contact, consider HNT Logistics. We offer a wide range of services:

  • For transportation means, customers can choose to ship by truck, sea, or air.
  • For service scope, we provide North-South and export-import freight services.
  • For goods, HNT Logistics has over 12 years of experience with fruits, seafood, machinery, equipment, and industrial materials.
  • For capabilities, customers can use comprehensive services like export-import entrustment or individual services as needed, such as customs procedures, loading, and transporting from warehouse to port.
HNT Logistics, established in 2011, always operates with the motto of readiness to serve, dedication, and absolute reliability with customers.

HNT Logistics, established in 2011, always operates with the motto of readiness to serve, dedication, and absolute reliability with customers.


We hope the information shared above has helped you understand more about the various types of freight services available. If you need more detailed explanations, leave your questions for HNT Logistics. We also hope to serve you with our high-quality services. Choose HNT Logistics for peace of mind with every shipment.