What's Special About Shipping Goods From Vietnam to China?

The topic of shipping goods from Vietnam to China is of great interest to many people. Transporting goods from Vietnam to China involves numerous legal procedures and stringent processes. So what should you be aware of when shipping from Vietnam to China? Which is the most reputable and quality shipping unit from Vietnam to China? Let’s explore the details below!

Types of transporting goods from Vietnam to China

Formal Shipping Method

What is the formal shipping method?

Formal transportation involves transporting large quantities of goods through airport and seaport. When transporting through these locations, you must complete customs clearance procedures as per the regulations of the relevant authorities. In addition, the goods will undergo rigorous inspection to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety standards of both the exporting and importing countries.

vận chuyển hàng từ việt nam sang trung quốc

Formal shipping involves direct import/export combined with the transportation process

Forms of formal shipping from Vietnam to China

Entrusted Import/Export Shipping

This involves using intermediary trade organizations or companies. The import-export business uses intermediaries to handle contracts and customs clearance procedures to transport goods according to requirements. This method can save the business time on complex procedures, though it costs more due to intermediary fees.

Direct Import/Export Shipping

Goods are directly exported and transported from the seller to the buyer without intermediaries. The exporter handles customs clearance, tax payments and transports the goods directly to the importer.

Barter Trade Shipping

This method involves exchanging goods of equivalent value instead of using currency. It’s less common as it increases customs procedures.

Temporary Import for Re-export

Goods are temporarily imported into an intermediary country and then exported to a third country. The holding period is usually 60 days, extendable twice, each for up to 30 days.

Processing Import/Export Shipping

Common among large businesses, this involves importing raw materials for processing into finished products. It follows standard formal import procedures.

When to use formal shipping for Vietnam to China

  • For large quantities, usually over a ton.
  • When legal documentation is required for product circulation, invoicing, or other legal procedures.
  • When benefiting from supportive export/import policies like simplified customs procedures, only incurring shipping costs.
vận chuyển việt nam trung quốc

Formal shipping is optimal for large quantities and legal documentation requirements

Informal Shipping Method

What is the informal shipping method?

Informal shipping involves transporting small quantities of goods, often less than two million VND in value, across border regions by local residents.

Forms of informal shipping

Sometimes via waterways like rivers or border areas. It includes various methods like having border residents carry goods through customs as personal items, or small shipments handled by locals using border crossings or trails.

When should you use informal shipping when shipping goods from Vietnam to China?

  • For small quantities, typically less than 2 tons.
  • When goods can't clear formal customs or lack necessary documentation.
  • For urgent shipments lacking complete customs paperwork.
  • For sample, old, or returned goods.

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