Shipping service

HNT with over 12 years of experience performing service shipping package for every fruit, seafood export, price, cost competitive for Asian routes (ports China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia...), and Middle East countries. Especially freight refrigerated shipping containers, which are many customers in and abroad appreciate.


Booking is considered important procedure for industry import / export sea. To choose the carriers, reasonable reputation, competitive price, is not it simple for business owners. HNT service provider booking plans best ship today. We always grasp and updates right time and at the best price of the goods ship to our customers.

HNT offer all-inclusive process import and export of goods by road through the gate for the business. With the Logistics solution at HNT will help the export – import of customers quickly and get the most optimal.

Serve for the transport and trade of goods between countries, businesses have to go through the process of making the customs complex, difficult. This required the business to grasp and understand the rules of evidence from the export and import and the related paperwork. HNT specializes in consulting, trustee, import-export reputation and reliable. We support business complete the process procedure in a fast and most accurate.

Fast, accurate and efficiency are the criteria work of HNT. Service customs declaration at HNT is always the customers appreciate. Choose service customs declaration at HNT not only save time but also save human resources for your business.

HNT Logistics is units are licensed to provide services of import and export in Vietnam. With over 12 years of experience in the field, HNT will give the customer service experience in a professional way, reputation, quality and high efficiency.

HNT continually updated, constantly innovate and offer more services to meet the needs of today's customers. Providing services car reefer routes along North-South through the gate is get the interest of many customers. Shipping time, fast but also save significant costs.