Important Information About Shipping Fruit By Air

Shipping way fruit is one of the very subject that many people are interested, especially those who are in need of shipping fruit to other countries. So when transporting fruit to note the characteristics of what? Process happen? And where is transportation services fruits by air prestigious and best quality? Find out now following you!

The note when transporting fruit by air

When transporting fruit need a few people note the following to ensure safety as well as the quality of the goods:


When packing fruit, need to be preserved in a manner closely and carefully protected to avoid damage during shipping. Need packed enough, to be sure, and there protective layer to keep the fruit be safe. However don't make the fruits stamping.

Shipping time

Shipping time as short as possible. When that fruit will have the ability to keep the quality better when you come to the recipient. Need to optimize the process shipping fruit by air to ensure the fruit was delivered quickly and is not affected by time.

Temperature when shipping

Need temperature control. This is one of the factors is extremely important in the transport of fruit by air. A few types of fruit needs to be transported under certain conditions to ensure the quality and the freshness.

Handle logistics

After fruit has to be transported to the place of the recipient, the handling logistics the right way is extremely important. Logistics help ensure the fruit is stored and preserved properly, it is next to maintain the quality as well as freshness.

Regulations on legal

Need to understand and comply with the regulations on the legal side of the carriage fruit through other countries.

shipping fruit by air

These regulations may be related to the safety checks and papers in the import export process

How to packing before shipping fruit by air

When transporting the fruit through other countries, the packaging is extremely important and need to be the right way. The following are a number of ways-packed and preserved that you can refer to:

Ensure about the temperature

For those fruits sensitive to temperature, we need to ensure that is packed and transported in conditions, the most suitable temperature. To use the system cooled or refrigerated trucks to be able to maintain the proper temperature.

Packaging should closely

Fruit should be packed tightly to avoid the bumps and damage. When transporting the need to use the foam box, carton or wrapped to protect fruit is stable, is not jostle each other.

Need to check and remove the fruits spoil before proceed to pack and move

Need to check it carefully again and remove the fruits were damaged or not fit to avoid damage to the fruits around.

Storage of fresh and delicious

After shipping, it should use the method of preservation, such as humidity, temperature and light to maintain the quality along with the freshness of the fruit.

shipping fruit

Please ensure that your fruit is preserved in good condition

Delivery must be conducted quickly

Shipping quick fruit will help to minimize the duration of exposure of the fruit with the external environment. From there make sure the tree to place most quickly.

Shipping service and quality reputation at HNT

Introduction HNT

HNT is one of the specialized units provide the service, shipping of goods reputation for superlative quality today. With the form of transportation by road, sea and road. The goods are shipped to the recipient are always guaranteed process extremely closely, from the packaging to the process legally, it is next to ensure on-time delivery.

Current HNT are providing freight services frozen for products such as dried seafood, coconut milk, passion fruit juice, durian fruit frozen, durian separation zone or pureed, frozen.

shipping way fruit away

All kinds of cool like dragon fruit, jackfruit, mango, durian is preserved from the temperature 1 degree to 15-16 degrees depending on the type of restaurant

Advantages of unit shipping fruit by air HNT

With the shipping process extremely closely

HNT will conduct full control of the temperature of the product before proceeding shipping and throughout the shipping process to ensure the quality of the product upon arrival to the recipient.

Packing thoroughly

HNT always use the packing method most appropriate to ensure your cargo is not affected during the transportation process.

Understanding the rules shipping fruit by air

HNT always knowledgeable and can advise the customers about the rules as well as rules on the transport of fruit by air aims to ensure compliance with the regulations on safety and legal help for goods of our clients are customs a fastest way.

Handling procedures and logistics professional

After shipping, HNT will conduct the procedure logistics as check out the products and shipping to the place of the recipient. Besides being the newspaper with the customer about the information of order during the shipping process to provide peace of mind for our customers.

how to transport fruits

HNT leading quality


Hope the information in this article has helped you better understand how to transport fruit and air selection for shipping services fruits reputation. And if you are in need early advice about the shipping service at HNT, please contact us today with Mrs Thi – phone number 0981.655.880 for early advice about the service and price suit you!