Road Freight Container Shipping Rates

The road freight container shipping rates or the costs associated with transporting containers by road are topics of great interest, especially for those looking to transport goods via roadways. So, what are the specific container transport service charges? Which service providers are the most reliable? Let's find out right now!

Why is road freight container shipping preferred?

Extremely fast and flexible in terms of timing

Transporting containers by road offers flexibility in terms of timing. Trucks can depart at any time as agreed upon between businesses and transport providers. Moreover, container shipments can be easily delivered to areas accessible by road.

Ensures safety throughout the transportation process

Container transport involves tightly sealed and secure designs to ensure better preservation and protection of goods, thereby minimizing losses or damages during transportation.

Cost-effective for transporting goods

Domestic road freight container services incur relatively low costs, which are highly convenient for large quantities of goods or oversized, bulky, and heavy cargo.

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Bảng giá cước vận chuyển container đường bộ còn phụ thuộc vào loại hàng

Calculation method for road freight container shipping rates

Here is the formula used to calculate road freight container shipping costs:

Shipping cost = Unit price x Cargo weight

Where the unit price varies depending on the delivery location. Cargo weight includes both actual weight and converted weight.

The determination is as follows:

  • Converted weight is for bulky and heavy goods.
  • Actual weight is for lightweight goods.

The formula to calculate the converted weight is as follows: Converted weight = (length x width x height) / 5000.

Determining factors affecting road freight container shipping rates:

Cước phí để vận chuyển container bằng đường bộ phụ thuộc vào rất nhiều những yếu tố:

  • Weight of the cargo (heavy or light)
  • Type of cargo (bulky, perishable, fragile, hazardous materials, etc.). Specialized cargo types generally incur higher transportation costs.
  • Delivery conditions such as Door-to-Container Yard (Door-CY), Door-to-Door (Door-Door), CY-to-Door (CY-Door), CY-to-CY (CY-CY).
  • Size of the cargo (small or large)
  • Timing of delivery (off-peak, peak season, holidays, etc.)
  • Delivery addresses
  • Specific requirements for vehicle types such as semi-trailers or prime movers.

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We hope the information in this article has provided you with a clearer understanding of road freight container shipping rates and the nature of container transport services. If you require more detailed advice on your cargo and transportation needs, contact HNT Logistics for the earliest consultation.