How To Preserve Fresh Fruits Long To Export

How to preserve fresh fruits long or packing process of export fruit is one of the very subject that many people are interested; especially the transport unit, or those who are intending to export fruit abroad. So what is how to preserve fruit when shipping help the tree guarantee the quality as to the recipient? Preserved fruit export how is the right way most? Find out now following you!

The way to preserve fresh fruits long that you can't ignore

Need to choose what kind of fruit fresh

Choose to be the kind of fresh fruit and delicious is one way to preserve fruit that you need to pay attention. For those kind of results are different, there will be tips for each type. Overall, you need to pay attention to these common characteristics:

  • Need to choose the delicious and fresh, especially not crushed. That will be what kind of result is not chafe at the outer shell.
  • If smell the aroma, the result are nine natural and not cooked pressed.
  • Should choose what kind of results are browned evenly, while holding it in his hand. 't choose what kind of shell is withered, or pull on it gently.
how to preserve fresh fruits long

The stalk of the fruit is not loss, lost, if there is always the leaves the better

How to preserve fresh fruits long not used to the refrigerator

What kind of fruit when purchased on should be rinsed in clean water; hold it gently and wash all of the results. Use a little salt water diluted to soak the fruit in about 5 minutes. Do not soak longer than for salt dilution will cause the fruit is variable quality.

Use soft fabrics to wash carefully the book of the fruit, because this is where clinging to the dirt the most.

Use the towel or drying fruit before the wind; aim for the fruit peel is drained. Then take the basket and about to full of fruit out for in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight with high temperature.


When arrange the fruits together to transport away, should not be piled them up together. Because if you let them overlap each other, this will cause them crushed. Should be sorting them out. The fruits were ripe, then, should be to separate out, should not be to general.

preserved fruit exports

As they near, the unripe fruit will ripen than normal

How to preserve fruits for each type of fruit specific

Preserved banana

Banana is the common fruit will ripen very quickly, especially those where there is sunlight and high temperature. To be able to keep the freshness of bananas, you just need to move them to places where there are no sunlight and there is cool air.

This will help them fresh over time in nearly two weeks. Use cling wrap plastic to wrap the pulp of the banana again. This will help them retain its freshness and keep the sweetness.

Preserving butter

To be able to slow down the process of decomposition of butter, you should wrap them very carefully. If the butter has been added, please use it wrap plastic to wrap sealing them, to prevent the meat is in contact with the outside air.

Preserved grape

If need shipping grapes away, you can pick the grapes undercooked. Then, use cardboard or the type of paper to wrap around grapes back. Arrange each beam leave each other and not be stacked. Leave them in places with low temperatures.

how to preserve fresh fruits long

Way to preserve this will help to maintain the quality within 20 days

Preserved tomatoes

Other than the other fruits, tomato when stored in the refrigerator there will be more sour than. The most simple is to should keep them in places with low temperatures below 25 degrees C. meanwhile, the tomatoes will ripen longer and more sweet. Should not be coming tomatoes overlap though, is preserved in the house or shipping go away.

Choose the unit reputable shipping

When selection is the unit reputable shipping, goods will be delivered to the place quickly and the right process. Besides being preserved with the standard conditions; and the fruit will be guaranteed to be in good quality when you come to the recipient.

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With the professional and modern as follows:

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Step five: Send and delivery take place according to the contract.

how to preserve fruits when shipping

In-time sending and delivery, customers will be informed about the shipping process and understand about place his goods


Hope the information in this article has helped you better understand how to preserve fruit tree fresh for longer. And if you are searching for a unit of freight quality and prestigious superlative, please contact us today with HNT – 0981.655.880 (Mrs. Examination) to be advised soon most of you.