Services, shipping cargo has an important role in promoting economic development – social, create favorable conditions for freight traffic. So, the factors that affect service freight what is? Should use the transport unit is the best? Invite you along to find out!

Everything about the service freight

Services, shipping cargo has what role?
Services, shipping cargo has an important role to the economy

The role of freight

Promote economic development – social

This service is an important bridge between the regions and the country, help the circulation of goods in a favorable manner. This contribute to promoting development, socio – economic of the country, raise living standards of people.

Create favorable conditions for freight traffic

The movement of this helps to reduce the cost and time of shipping, to create favorable conditions for the circulation of the types of items. This helps businesses save costs, improve business efficiency.

Contribute to improving the competitiveness of business

The shipping and high quality to help businesses deliver products to customers quickly and promptly. This helps businesses improve competitiveness in the market.

Contribute to the development of trade

Shipping services help more commercial
Services, shipping cargo promote commercial development

Freight services help businesses import and export of a favorable manner, contribute to the development of trade between countries or territories.

Contribute to the development of production

Freight services help enterprises to transport raw materials and products in a fast, timely, contributing to improving production efficiency.

A number of factors affect the shipping

Items shipping

Items shipping is the most important factor affecting the shipping service. Each item type has their own characteristics, require the method of transportation and storage of different.

Regular goods
Goods usually do not have special requirements will mainly be transported through waterways, road
Goods usually do not have special requirements will mainly be transported through waterways, road

The type of shipment is usually the restaurant does not require the special requirement about the shipping method, and preserved. Orders usually can be shipped by multiple shipping method to different such as roads, waterways, air,...

Perishable goods

Types of breakable items are easy damaged in the transport process. Perishable goods need to be transported by means of gentle, careful. The shipping method in accordance with perishable goods is road, rail, air.

Transit distance

Transit distance farther shipping costs higher. This is due to shipping costs, including fuel costs, labor costs, insurance costs,...

Shipping time

Shipping time as short as then the shipping cost is higher. This is due to the method of expedited shipping usually have a higher cost shipping methods slow.

Shipping cost

The shipping cost are the most important factors that influence the decision to choose the shipping service of our customers. The shipping cost depends on many factors such as type of transport, distance, shipping time, shipping,...

The situation socio – economic

The situation socio – economic that affect the demand for transportation goods. When the economy grows, demand for transport will increase.

Infrastructure traffic

Infrastructure and convenient transportation will help reduce the shipping cost and shipping time.

The policy of the state

The policy of the state on the transport also can affect the shipping services.

The criteria for evaluating freight services


This is the most important criteria when evaluating freight services. Goods are safe shipping is not damaged, lost, lost in the shipping process.


This is the evaluation criteria ability to transport goods to the correct address, at the right time.


This is the evaluation criteria ability to transport goods on schedule, never late.

Caring properties

This is the criteria for evaluating the service attitude of staff shipping. Shipping staff is attentive staff dedicated customer enthusiasm.

Savings calculator

This is the evaluation criteria ability to transport goods at a reasonable cost, save.

Quality customer service

Quality customer service is the factor that should be consider the most
Besides the price, the quality of customer service is top elements are of interest

Good customer service is customer service done quickly and professionally, to meet the needs of customers.

Additional services

Additional services such as packing, insurance, etc., may help improve the quality of service, shipping of goods.

Some experience options transport unit

To choose to be unit freight reputation, customers need to note some experience in the following:

Find out information about transport unit

Customers need to find out information about shipping units such as the scale, experience, reputation,... Customers can find out information about the unit shipping on website, social network pages, reviews,...

Compare prices and the quality services of the transport unit

Customers need to compare the price and quality of service of the transport unit to select units shipped in accordance with his needs.

Select units reputable shipping

Customers should select units shipping have a business license, there is a contract of carriage clearly.

Carefully read the contract of carriage

Customers should thoroughly read the contract of carriage to understand the rights and obligations of yourself.

Here are some of the questions that customers need to consider when selecting shipping service goods:

  • Unit shipping has the experience and reputation like?
  • They provide the shipping service do?
  • The shipping cost of the unit, the shipping like?
  • Shipping company which provide services of cargo insurance or not?

The selection is service freight reputation will help the customer to ensure the safety and quality of goods.

Should use unit freight how?

HNT is the unit of reputable shipping that you can trust
HNT is the unit of reputable shipping that you can trust

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