Sea transportation of our country today are growing strong, plays an important role in the national economy. So, sea freight can be transported goods what? Should use a shipping service of any company? Invite you along to find out!

Sea transportation of our country today

The situation sea transportation of our country today?
Sea freight – one of the shipping method, goods are very popular

According to statistics of the General department of statistics, the year 2022, the volume of cargo transportation through sea ports of Viet Nam 733,18 million tons, an increase of 4% compared to the year 2021. Which, goods exports totaled 446,4 million tons, an increase of 8.2 percent; imports reached 286,78 million tons, up 0.2%.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sea transport of Vietnam, there are advantages and disadvantages in the following:


  • Vietnam has a coastline of 3,260 km, more puddles, sheltered bays and many islands, islands along the coast, located on the road international maritime importance.
  • Vietnam has a strategic location on sea routes between the neighboring regions and global.
  • The port system of Vietnam is investment, development of the modern.


  • Road infrastructure of Vietnam, there are still many limitations, not to meet the transportation needs increasing.
  • Fleet marine of Vietnam is still a small baby, not to meet transportation needs.
  • Quality transport services of Vietnam is still not high.

The cargo shipping by sea

In Vietnam, 5 types of goods are usually shipped by sea is:

Crude goods

This is kind of goods have a large mass, occupies a large proportion in the total volume of goods transported by sea. Several types of goods common coarse include crude oil, natural gas, coal,...

Cargo container

Here is types of goods are packed in containers, the size and weight standards. Cargo containers accounted for the increasingly large in the total volume of goods transported by sea.

Agricultural goods

This is kind of goods have large volume, including agricultural products, marine products, forestry products,...

Industrial goods

This is kind of goods have large volume, including raw materials, finished products, equipment, machinery,...

Consumer goods

Here is types of goods are small volume, including food, drinks, clothes, shoes,...

Should use the service sea freight of any company?

Service sea freight of any company today is reputable and has good quality?
Need search unit provides shipping service sea reputable, affordable price to ensure safety for your goods

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