Transport By Sea Our Country Today

Transport By Sea Our Country Today

Road transport sea of our country today, how? Advantages and role of road transport sea what is it? Let HNT read through the article below!

General information about transportation by sea our country

Transportation network in Vietnam has developed a rich and diverse than ever to meet the trend of globalization and growth in freight.

The location is located on the East coast of the vast Vietnamese there is a system wide sea more than 1 million km2 which flows throughout the country, forming a trade route cargo international importance between The Indian Ocean and the pacific Ocean. In particular, commercial activities on the East coast of the countries of the Asia – pacific lively place for sea transportation in Vietnam becomes bustling, crowded and dynamic.

Overview of sea transportation our country
Overview of sea transportation our country

Vietnam is located on the sea route between the neighborhoods and the world, creating favorable conditions for the development of the shipping industry and help promote cultural, economic. At the same time, along the coast, there are many sea ports have large-scale support freight in domestic and international smoothly.

The advantages of road transport sea what is it?

In addition to serving sea transportation, Vietnam also focused on harnessing the potential in many other industries such as tourism, seafood and minerals. The rapid development of transport networks, the sea today is not only due to the characteristics of the economy but also thanks to the progress of industry, technique, sea transport.

  • Sea transport service all the items of import and export trade, domestic and international.
  • Sea transport route is naturally ventilated, the less moving vehicles than road transport.
  • Cargo ships capable of carrying large, do not limit the volume of goods as the form of shipping other.
  • Special shipping rates affordable, to help business save cost.
Sea transportation has the advantages like?
Sea transportation has the advantages like?

The importance and role of sea transportation

Contribute to economic development and national trade

Transport by sea water, we contribute a role of utmost importance in economic development and international trade of a country. By transporting cargo on the sea, help create the connection between the zones and countries, creating the foundation for activities commercial and international transactions.

The use of sea transport goods and help expand markets, strengthen the operation export and import, at the same time create a source of income and employment for the people.

Support in import and export goods

Sea transport plays an important role in supporting import and export goods. With large load capacity and the ability to connect with the sea ports worldwide, sea transportation provides a safe and effective way to transport goods from one country to another country. This not only helps to promote the activities of international trade, but also open up new opportunities for businesses to expand production scale and reach global markets.

Transport by sea contributes to reducing pollution and support environmental protection

Sea transportation also contribute positively to reducing pollution and protecting the environment. Compared to other means of transport to another, such as cars or aircraft, ships, usually consumes less fuel over and cause CO2 emissions lower. This helps to reduce negative impacts on climate change and air pollution. In addition, the use of the sea to transport cargo also help reduce pollution, road traffic and reduce traffic congestion in the city.

Sea transportation help protect the environment
Sea transportation help protect the environment

Connect the nearby and international

Sea transport plays an important role in connecting the surrounding areas and international. The sea provides a means of efficient transportation to connect the ports of the sea and coastal areas, ensuring the alignment and sustainable development for the region's economy and society. It provides the opportunity for the development of tourism and promote the economic cooperation between the countries. This connection not only create economic benefits, but also promoting the cultural exchange and the exchange between the countries.

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