HNT – “integration – Explosive power – Trust”

HNT – “integration – Explosive power – Trust”

H – integration: always in mind the integration to be able to timely updates and catch up with the information as well as a number of regulations on import and export goods in and out of water.From which it can be information to customers to change some of the services required to conform with current regulations.

N – effort: do not exert strive to develop and raise the level as well as professional expertise, to be ready to seize the opportunity in every situation without being missed.

T –Trust: creating Trust with the customer is responsible as well as the success that the company aimed to. Trust created reputation

Understand the issues that our company HNT LOGISTICS TRADING CO.,LTD. with more than 10 years experience in the industry, freight forwarders and logistics with a team of skilled employees and experienced, always updated and find out their level of import market as well as demand the tastes of customers in Vietnam. We confidently claim to be able to provide for our customers the best service today, such as:

– Quotes, advice procedure – service (free)

– Services entrusted export and import

– Service tax customs

– Import & export procedures

– Freight forwarding sea, air,..

– Provides freight train, booking,... (competitive price)

– Trucking

– C/O, Phyto (plant quarantine), Heatlh Certificate, Fumigation Certificate,...

If you are wishing to use services that still have not found any company match and trust, you can contact us and experience our services.

📌📌In addition we also provide service, parking, such as:

👉For hire parking car container by month

👉 For hire power plug by the hour in case of jammed ports

👉 For rental yards to quarantine



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