Process Export Commodity Details

Whatever is the process of exporting goods abroad, or process, export cargo by sea, then these activities are for themselves the process standard, professional, and fit; is regulated by the law of Vietnam and the law of the importing country. So, diagram, process export goods are what, exactly? Where is the export process, with specific step by step that you can reference? Find out now following you!

Export of goods is what?

Export is the process of moving goods from each any country to another country for sale or for use. All done by these businesses or individuals wishing to market; or the production enterprise in one country and sell their goods in another country.

The production process of goods will include the steps: prepare the goods, shipping, packing, customs clearance, delivery. Export of goods is one of the activities extremely important to help bring the economic benefits significantly for the country. From that contributes to economic growth, create income, promote partnership trade between the countries together.

process export of goods

Directory help take the products of the same services to global market

Process, export cargo standard professional

Conduct negotiations and sign contracts

This is the first stitch, is also rated as the most important factor. By them not only directly affect the profitability of the business that the business must also conduct negotiations with clients to come to the conclusion of foreign trade contracts. This is the base for the export shipment. In the contract will give the terms of the agreement on specific terms of delivery, of the goods and the responsibility each side. And when agreed, the two sides will proceed based on the contract signed.

Permit to conduct directory

In the process of delivery of goods exported by sea, as if merchandise belonging to the area to conduct permit, the owner of the directory to work with the agency to be able to be granted export licenses under the regulations in Decree 187 and what other rules are related. Business when conducting a permit to export, then please, once and used for many times. The permit will be important and take a lot of time, so businesses need to be prepared carefully.

Proceed booking and take the empty container

If the shipment is sold according to conditions CIF, the individual is performing the procedure directory need to contact the carrier or FWD to find the best ship for the transportation of your shipments. If the shipment is sold under the terms FOB, enterprises do not need to contact us booking vessel for which the consignee will be conducted booking ship for client.

Process to retrieve container dripping at the port of: Business, will place the port in exchange for Booking Confirmation at the port after CIF and are booking. This work will help verify with the carriers that exporters agreed to take the container and seal. Also when exported by FOB, exporters will get Transport Confirmation and taken away in exchange for booking.

Process flowchart export of goods

Do the same with CIF

Process export goods are prepared and check export

After the customer has to agree on the proforma invoice, businesses need to plan to produce goods guarantee in quality and quantity as committed to in the contract.

Proceed to pack goods, sign haul

Process to export goods – packaged goods at warehouses

At this stage, the department needs to coordinate with the engineering department and workers at the factory to conduct packaged goods. Note: the full information on the shipment according to customer's requirements as are related to foreign trade contracts.

The important information will include: name, items, net weight, country of production, tare weight, the notation shipping instructions as bulky goods, fragile goods,...

Process merchandise export – packed at the port

Packaging process at the port similar with packing at the warehouse. However, if in port, this will require a lot of paperwork and procedures. Usually when a customer at the port, you will have to hire workers packing. So, the business will take an additional cost to hire more workers.

process to export goods abroad

If your order must be specialized test such as quarantine, fumigation will be done sampled at this step

Proceed to buy insurance of the shipment

Please contact the insurance company to buy insurance for your shipment. Term insurance rates will depend on the value of goods. For those goods typically, insurance rates will be 2% on the total value of goods. In case the shipment is produced under the conditions of FOB or CNF, it does not need to buy insurance.

Proceed to do the customs clearance

Your business need to conduct the customs following:

  • Open customs declaration
  • Registration of the declaration
  • Proceed with free customs clearance
  • Take declarations
  • Liquidation declaration
  • On the train window
  • The export customs declaration

Conducting delivery for ship

After the end customs for shipment, your business need to provide details on the invoice to carriers can do lading. This step must be done before the cut trough closing time and before the step implementation. Delivery to the ship will be the end when the business receives the bill of lading; can be original invoice (3 copies), or surrendered bill.

Proceed to payment

Who do import export procedures need to complete the proof of payment include a commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, certificate of fumigation. In case of payment by L/C, you must submit all documents to the bank guarantee notification.

Send the vouchers for the purchase abroad

You will be sent to the seller pussy, original documents according to the amount as agreed in the original contract; at the same time should send them scan file via email for them to prepare in advance the necessary steps for the import process.


Hope the information in this article has helped you better understand diagram process exports of goods and holding yourself to be the necessary steps. And if you are experiencing a lot of difficulties and costs in the export of goods it is next to not understand the necessary steps. Please contact us today with our team of shipping goods of HNT Logistics according to hotline 0981.655.880 (Mrs. Thi). You will be advised by thinking about the process of shipping; besides, there is get yourself a unit shipping quality goods and most prestigious currently on the market.