Frozen Food Imports: Unit Reputable Supplier

Frozen Food Imports: Unit Reputable Supplier

You are find out about frozen food import and interested in the import of frozen food? With the continuous development of the food industry, frozen food has become a popular choice to meet your culinary needs and convenience in modern life. So currently the company export and import of frozen foods credibility? Invite you to HNT read through the article later!

Concept and characteristics of frozen food

Frozen food is food that has been cooled to very low temperatures to prevent the growth and activities of bacteria, microorganisms and enzymes. The freezing process, the help prolong the preservation time of the food and maintain quality, keep original taste, nutritional value and freshness of them.

Some important characteristics of frozen food:

Temperature frozen

Frozen food is stored at very low temperature, usually below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature slow down the process of resolution of biological and reduce the speed of development of bacteria and enzymes.

Frozen food import – preserved quality

Process frozen help maintain the quality of food by blocking the action of bacteria and the chemical process naturally. This helps retain the flavor, color, nutrients and structure of the food.

Storage time

Frozen food can be preserved for longer duration compared with the fresh food or food has been over processed. Storage time depends on the type of food and how to preserve accuracy.

Frozen food import – diverse products

Most foods can be frozen, including meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, baked goods, pastries and fast food.

Safety and hygiene

Frozen help prevent the development of harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of infection food. However, still need to comply with process safety and hygiene when purchasing, storage and use of frozen food.

Convenient and save

Frozen food can often be purchased available at stores and grocery store, help save time and effort in preparing and processing food.

Company export and import of frozen to note what's in the shipping process?

In the process of shipping frozen goods, import and export company should note the following factors to ensure the quality and safety of food:

Shipping of goods frozen to note what things?
Shipping of goods frozen to note what things?

Storage temperature

Ensure that the temperature in the cavity of the carrier is maintained at a level appropriate to meet the requirements of the management of each type of food. Use the refrigeration system or equipment frozen trusted to maintain the temperature stable throughout the shipping process.

Time management

Maximize shipping time to reduce the risk of increasing the temperature of the goods. Ensure that delivery time from the starting point to the destination point is minimal.

Monitor and record temperature

Installation of monitoring equipment, the temperature in the cavity shipping to track and record the temperature throughout the shipping process. This helps in early detection of any variation in temperature is not desired and make corrective measures in a timely manner.

Good control of the temperature during shipping
Good control of the temperature during shipping

Packing dedicated

Use packing and packaging materials for professional use for frozen goods. Ensure that the packaging has the ability of heat insulation and waterproof to prevent the intrusion of outside temperature and prevent the leakage of water from food.

Arrange the goods to guarantee the shipping space

Goods should be arranged so that the space in the cavity shipping is maximum advantage. This helps to reduce the risk of collision and ensure there are no gaps are too large, which causes loss of temperature.

Avoid overlap too much cargo, especially those items are fragile or sensitive to pressure. Ensure that the goods are stacked in layers and do not exceed the volume and pressure endurance of the cavity shipping.

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HNT - unit with over 12 years of experience in logistics services
HNT – unit with over 12 years of experience in logistics services

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