Shipping Fresh Seafood, Go Away Safe The Right Way

Shipping Fresh Seafood, Go Away Safe The Right Way

Seafood is one of the favorite dish of many people. Not only because of the freshness, ease of processing, which again is also very nutritious. Therefore, when there is occasion to travel that people often buy seafood to bring back reserve or gifts. However, if you don't know how shipping fresh seafood, go away by car or train, boat, effective, when brought back to the place where the quality of them will no longer be as at the beginning. Let's HNT find out about shipping way, fresh seafood, go as far as how if you are still worried about this problem.

The problems encountered in the process of shipping seafood

Shipping fresh seafood, go away is always a problem that many people when go to the beach want to buy seafood as a gift are, or encounter. Being born and raised in the vast sea environments, so when meet water environment agriculture, in pots, in containers foam will make the species of seafood quickly weakened and died on the shipping.

Here are some problems you will probably encounter in the process of shipping:

  • Meat seafood prone to mealy
  • Space transport is smell fishy
  • Seafood is weak meat is óp and food will not taste good
  • Seafood is dead, hatchery and can't eat
  • Water is spilling out during shipping

And many other problems. Therefore, the transport of fresh going away is never a simple thing, and always caused a lot of people have a headache in every trip.

Shipping fresh seafood, far away has never been a simple thing
Shipping fresh seafood, far away has never been a simple thing

Choosing quality seafood

To guarantee the shipping process seafood most convenient as well as seafood always keep the freshness. We need to prepare thoroughly from the stage of selection of seafood to shipping. Specific as follows:

  • Choose marine fish: For marine fish should choose the longer is swimming, its strong.
  • Crab: crab is a species of seafood can live on land for a long time so you just need to choose crab, delicious, healthy, then the ratio of the crab was still alive after the transport is very high.
  • Shrimp: If you buy the shrimp as a gift, you should choose the shrimp are still swimming health, make the meat and have the characteristic blue color.
  • Inking: Select ink alive, bright eyes and friendly inks have transparent color.
  • Crab: Select crab healthy living, with the crab tiles often will wear yellow bibs tits, crab meat, then, softcore, small and sharp.
 Choose quality seafood
Choose quality seafood

After you have selected a number of delicious seafood, the next step is packing and send it. Should only be shipping these types of long-lived, with the kind of prone to die as the surface, it should only be processed before shipping.

Packing way and shipping way, fresh seafood, go away

Each type of seafood, then various will be packed in separate ways, such as:

  • Lobster: How shrimp hibernation by the way you give in to cold temperatures suitable suddenly. Next, for the shrimp to the bag and apply the seaweed up, pumping more oxygen into, and then tie the bag.
  • Crab: you Should tighten the crab again and put into the foam boxes are perforated to let the crabs breathe. For the crab in and covered them in a wet towel up to reduce the status crab dehydration due to moving away.
  • For the type of seafood and other fresh: For the 1 layer of rock puree and then to 1 class seafood up. Next resumed spread evenly up just 1 class 1 class seafood. Remember the first layer and the last layer must have the stone, after that same tape definitely back.

Note: You should choose the barrel sponge-sized enough, should not be too wide or too tight for the convenience of moving away. With the way this preservation you can keep fresh are seafood more than 1 day should be no need to worry if the way.

You should choose these foam barrels-sized enough
You should choose these foam barrels-sized enough

A few notes when shipping fresh

To ensure seafood retains the good quality during the process of shipping to note a number of issues as follows:

  • Should use the type of barrel cartonbins foam trays, foam insulation, there are breathable holes to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen to maintain life for seafood. Not only that, the temperature and humidity are also important factors to the seafood is always fresh when shipping routes as long as North – South.
  • Some types of seafood are so easy to die, such as shrimp, crab, squid, clams, mussels,... so that should not be transported go too far. You can use more ice to compost what kind of seafood is.
  • Each type of seafood should be left in an area with temperatures and different air to ensure the quality.
  • Stacking the containers seafood guaranteed stream of cold air is circulated evenly throughout the place.
  • Always ensure the air in the barrel circulation best.
  • Limit the maximum displacement the container of fresh seafood in the process of a car or carriage.
Carton, tray, foam containers seafood must always ensure the protective functions seafood long day
Carton, tray, foam containers seafood must always ensure the protective functions seafood long day


On here are some selecting, packing and shipping ways, fresh seafood, go away easily, the effect that HNT want to share to you demand. Hope that after refer to the article above, you will have to add the useful information helps to choose and shipping seafood will become easier.

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Company HNT absolutely can meet all the requirements of customers
Company HNT absolutely can meet all the requirements of customers

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