Road Transport Is What? Any Means Is Shipping?

Road transport is what? Concept and characteristics of road transport like? Why the shipping method, this long-standing tradition still applies to the present time? Let HNT learn even more details types of means of transport, road through the following article, as well as answer questions on it!

Learn about the concept of trucking is?

Road transport (Road transportation) is a form of freight popular. Often using the medium move commonly used on the ground as passenger car, truck, cars, tank cars, container trucks, trailers, car special, semi-trailers towing cars and many kinds of other vehicles.

In the list of type of transport, road transport occupies important position and are the most widely used. This method also carries the mechanical properties, dynamic and flexible. Special economic effect on the distance moved geographic short and average.

Transportation of goods by road bring to the diversity in the transportation of these commodities. This allows for customers, businesses and companies facilitate the planning and supply chain management. At the same time helps to respond quickly to the request and the needs of the market.

The role of shipping method

Road transportation has a strong impact in the circulation of goods across the country, contribute to the development of society and is the top choice for many home goods and products need transportation in the city or beyond, between the provinces.

The concept and role of trucking is?
The concept and role of trucking is?

Freight through this method also plays an important role in the economic growth of the country. Through the collection of taxes and provide services, freight transport road provides substantial financial resources for the national budget.

In addition, transport of goods also create more services expand, creating millions of jobs for workers. The transport sector provides employment opportunities for people from your driver, delivery staff, to the people who do support work such as vehicle maintenance, management and operation of transportation systems.

The characteristics of road transport you should know

After you have read through the overview of trucking is? Together, let us point by more the characteristics of road transport offline!

Flexibility and convenience

Road transport brings high flexibility and convenience for the transportation of goods and people. The means of road transport has access to most of the locations. Which includes both rural areas and cities.


The method allows to move directly from point of origin to point of destination without switching means of transportation. This helps to reduce time and increase efficiency in transporting goods and people.

Ability freight diverse

Road transportation has the ability to transport a variety of different goods. From consumer goods, industrial goods, to store raw materials. Can use different car types like:

  • Truck
  • Tank
  • Container trucks
  • Car special
  • Car special
Can freely about the shipping time of goods
Can freely about the shipping time of goods

Autonomy over time

Road transportation allows the carrier and the consignee decide on time delivery. Customers and businesses can deal duration of carriage in accordance with his needs.

Road transport – road Network development

The road system was developed widely in most of the countries. This helps to connect the areas and different locations. This creates favorable conditions for road transport and trade in the country.

Relatively low cost

Compared with a number of shipping methods, such as no or sea. Road transportation has a relatively low cost, especially on the short distance and the average.

The type of means of transport, road popular today

The type of means of transport, road popular today include:

Trucking – Truck

Trucks are used to transport goods in different scales. We could have barrel roof tarpaulin, containers, bins badger or cryogenic tanks to match the type of goods transported. The truck usually has a payload from a few tons to tens of tons.

the type of means of transport, road
Select trucks shipping goods to help save the maximum cost

Container trucks

  • Car container is the type of means of transport, in particular, is designed to carry cargo containers standard.
  • We have structure dedicated to lift, switch, and mount the container in a safe way and effective.
  • Container trucks are often used in the process of shipping goods internationally and in the regional sea port.
road transport is what
Containers are usually combined with the tractor or shirt trailers and cargo rear

Tractor head

Tractor headalso known as container trailers or towed vehicles store. The front part of the vehicle is a truck specially designed to pull or push the unit goods such as trailers or car trailer. Cars are usually used in shipping goods on the highway and in the activities related to logistics and delivery.

Images about trucks, tractor shipping
Images about trucks, tractor shipping

Other vehicles

Besides trucks and cars, there are a number of different media which you can use to transport goods by road. Here are some popular choices:


Motorcycle are common means used to transport cargo in city areas and the province. With its compact size, the motorcycle can easily move to the small streets and alleys that cars cannot reach. The use of motorcycles also saves time in terms of traffic congestion in urban areas.


In some big cities such as Hanoi and ho chi minh CITY.CITY, people often used a handcart to carry cargo. However, this kind of vehicle is usually only used in the form of individual self-freight, and is not suitable for the carriage unit professional. A cart is usually used in special cases, not the main means to freight forwarders.


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