What is Customs Declaration? Where to Hire Services?

Understanding customs declaration procedures, especially electronic customs declaration, is a matter of great interest, particularly for those involved in the import and export of goods. So why is customs declaration necessary? What is the most detailed and correct way to complete a customs declaration form? Let's find out right now!

Definition of Customs Declaration

Customs declaration procedures are mandatory legal steps carried out at airport and seaport customs gates. These procedures allow goods or transportation vehicles to be exported or imported across Vietnam's borders.

Why is Customs Declaration Necessary?

Customs declaration procedures serve several purposes, but they fundamentally boil down to two main reasons:

Accurate Tax Calculation and Collection: This is a crucial reason explaining why we spend so much time on customs declaration procedures.

Goods Management: Ensuring that goods entering and leaving Vietnam are not on the prohibited list, such as guns, ivory, and drugs. Legal exports cannot include antiques or wild animals being exported out of Vietnam.

Because of these straightforward and common reasons, customs-related procedures are necessary and mandatory.

customs declaration is what?

Organizations that fail to complete customs declarations will be fined according to the laws of Vietnam and the laws of the respective country.

Specific Regulations on Customs Declaration

Types of Customs Declaration Documents

A basic set of customs declaration documents will generally include the following:

  • Commercial invoice (Original copy)
  • Commercial contract (Certified copy)
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list (Original copy)
  • Permit (if any)
  • Specific documents required for certain types of goods
  • Certificate of origin

Appropriate customs declaration form (red, green, yellow)

Red Channel Declaration

For goods under the red channel, after the documents are checked, the actual goods must also be inspected. This level of inspection is the highest and most rigorous, requiring numerous procedures, significant costs, and time from both the consignor and customs. The documents are then forwarded to the Inspection Team.

After customs approval, you need to register for inspection at the port to carry out the unloading and transport to the inspection area. Then contact the customs officer for the inspection procedures. There are currently two inspection methods: scanning and manual inspection.

Once the inspection is completed, the customs officer will return to the Customs Sub-department to complete necessary procedures such as inspection reports. If all is clear, the team will proceed with the declaration procedures. You need to pay taxes to the State. The declarant must pay taxes and fulfill financial obligations according to regulations, such as deferral, immediate payment, or bank guarantees.

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To ensure a fast and smooth customs declaration process, you should follow the regulations and prepare all necessary and valid documents.

Green Channel Declaration

For the green channel, there are two cases: conditional and unconditional. For conditional green: You must present additional documents like Certificate of Origin, quality inspection certificate, and tax payment receipt. For this type, you need to visit the Customs Sub-department for the necessary procedures.

For unconditional green: You only need to go to the port to collect your goods without any additional procedures.

how to declare customs electronic

The green channel is cleared with quite simple procedures.

Yellow Channel Declaration

For the yellow channel, the declaration process is similar to the green channel. However, you need to prepare the following additional documents:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Customs declaration form
  • Packing list (Original copy)
  • Commercial invoice (Original copy)
  • Permit (if any)
  • Bill of lading
  • Specific documents required for certain goods
  • Certificate of origin
the customs declaration

Threading declaration


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