Customs Declaration Is What? Declaration Now?

How to declare customs, what is? Or how to declare the customs electronic is one of the very problem that many people are interested, especially those who are in need of freight import and export and is related to the problem need to declare the customs. So why must declare to customs? Where is the customs declaration details and correct the most? Find out now following you!

The concept of customs declaration

Declare the customs clearance is the legal proceedings required to be conducted at gate air port, sea port. This procedure will allow goods or the means of transport are allowed to export out of the borders of Vietnam.

Why must declare to customs?

With respect to the declaration of the customs procedure, we have a lot of different purposes. However, the general rule still comes from two main causes follows:

To state may charge and collect the tax in a manner most accurate. This is the purpose extremely important to reply to the question why do we have to take a lot of time for the procedure declaration.

To manage the goods, ensure the goods out and into the territory of Vietnam does not belong to the prohibited list as guns, ivory, drugs in Vietnam. Main export quota can not be antique, the wild animals out of the territory of Vietnam.

Precisely because of these reasons simple and general rules on the declaration of the procedures related to customs is necessary and mandatory conduct.

customs declaration is what?

For organizations not conducted, the organization that is punishable under the provisions of Vietnamese law and the laws of the country

The specific rules regarding customs declarations, what is?

The record type declaration customs documents

A basic profile to customs declaration will include the following key:

  • Commercial invoice (One original)
  • Commercial contract (One copy)
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list (One original)
  • License (if available)
  • Papers to customers requirements depending on the type of specific items
  • Certificate of origin

Proceed to submit customs declarations consistent (red, green, yellow)

Declaration stream red

For those categories of goods are subject to declaration threading red, after being record check paper goods must be checked on fact. This is considered a dangerous level check the highest need to do a lot of procedures and costly, effort as well as time of shippers and customs. For the record, this record will be transferred to Team check goods.

After the customs department has received approval, need to register for goods at the port to do the procedure down and take in the culture. Next to the contact with customs officers to check-in. There are currently two forms of test chemical is the machine soi or also known as check soi and the craft.

After you have finished checking, customs officers will back to the department to conduct the required procedures as written records check goods. If as has been stable, the team will continue to do the procedure, impulsive declarations. You need to make the payment of taxes for The state. The declarant pay taxes and perform the financial obligations specified as grace, filed right or bank guarantee.

how to declare customs

To process customs declaration is happening quickly and most favorable, you should follow the rules and prepare the evidence from adequate and valid

Declaration of flow blue

For this declaration, there are two cases is conditional green and blue no conditions. For conditional green: You must present add the stock from supplements such as certificate of origin, test paper quality, paper taxpayer. For green fairways this you have to Department of Customs to do the necessary procedures.

For flow blue, no conditions: you only need at loading ports and do not add any one type of procedure does.

how to declare customs electronic

Flow blue is through with the procedure is quite simple

Declaration yellow stream

For this type of gold thread, process mining will remain the same with flow blue. However, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Customs declaration
  • Packing list (One original)
  • Commercial invoice (One original)
  • License (If available)
  • Bill of lading
  • Papers required, depending on specific items
  • Certificate of origin
the customs declaration

Threading declaration


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