Customs Declaration

Customs Declaration

Customs declaration form is very popular today. Such services, customs clearance, cheap what is? The price of services customs clearance is how much? Process customs declaration is like? Invite you to read through the article offline!

Service, customs declaration, what is?

Concept of service, customs clearance, cheap
Customs clearance support support home goods handling the procedure more convenient

This is a service in which a business, organization, individual (called home) hire a business unit customs service (called customs agent) on behalf of yourself performing customs procedures for import and export goods.

Process customs clearance

Specific work

In the lease, owner of the goods will be delivered to customs agents perform work related to customs procedures, including:

  • Test, improve customs records.
  • Represented owner of the goods, customs procedures with customs authorities.
  • Payment of taxes and other charges as prescribed.
  • Get the goods from the customs.
  • Customs agent will perform the work according to the requirements of the owner of the goods and responsible for the flaws in the implementation process.

This is an effective solution for businesses, organizations and individuals do not have enough resources or experience to perform customs clearance.

The price of services customs clearance is how much?

The price of the service depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Type declaration: Declaration package will have higher prices declaration each stage.
  • Type of goods: goods import and export has properties, different characteristics will have the free declaration different.
  • Cargo volume: volume of goods the greater the free declaration as high.

The complexity of customs clearance: customs clearance of import and export goods there are many different types, depending on the type of commodities, modes of transport, transport routes,... that the free declaration will be different.

Advantages of service

Advantages when using the services of customs declaration
Customs declaration brings many facilities for business and home
Cost and Time Savings

Businesses, organizations, individuals do not need to invest in facilities, manpower, time for customs clearance.

Enhance operational efficiency

Businesses, organizations and individuals can focus on the main business activities of his.

Minimize risk

Customs agents will be responsible for the flaws in the implementation process.

The type declaration

Service package

This form of customs agents made the entire customs clearance for import and export goods from checking the records, do the customs clearance and pay tax to receive the goods.

Customs services each stage

This form of customs agents only perform one or a number of stages in the customs clearance, such as inspection records, do the customs clearance and pay tax.

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