Procedure For Import And Export Goods

Procedure For Import Of Goods

Today, the demand for used goods imported as well as exported goods in the country go abroad of Vietnam is relatively high. However, many businesses often have difficulty in completing the procedure of import of goods. So the customs import and export goods is what? Implementation process like? Invite you along to find out!

The customs import and export goods is what?

Customs import and export goods is the procedure what?
Customs import and export goods within the complex

Here are the rules, procedures and records necessary to perform the import or export of goods from abroad into Vietnam and from Vietnam to foreign countries. Procedure for import, export is specified in the commercial Code, the Customs Law and the guidelines for implementation.

The purpose of the regulations for import and export goods

Procedure for import of goods aimed at:

  • Control, management of goods imported, exported goods, ensure the goods meet the rules of the law on quality, safety, hygiene, environmental protection.
  • Protect the rights of consumers, business production in the country and abroad.
  • Create favorable conditions for the operation of international trade.

Applicable regulations for import and export

Import export procedures are applicable to all the individuals and organizations wishing to import goods from overseas into Vietnam and exporting commodities from Vietnam to foreign countries.

Processes and procedures for import and export goods

Procedure for import goods, including the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare directory

  • Determining import and export commodities
  • Market research
  • Search suppliers
  • Negotiation and signing of the contract of sale
  • Plan export import

Step 2: Determine the classification of goods

Classification of goods according to The list of goods exported and imported, Vietnam

Step 3: Determine the type of free tax payable as:

Import tariffs, export, value added tax, excise tax, customs fees,

Declaration of the customs declaration, pay taxes, and customs

Step 4: The papers necessary

To perform the procedure for import goods, the importer need to prepare fully the following documents:

  • Import license (if available)
  • Certificate of origin of goods
  • Stock spam quarantine
  • Packing goods
  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Tax & import charges

Note when importing goods

Learn technical regulations on imported and exported goods

The legal regulations on the export and customs procedures need to be explored
Need to know the legal regulations on export and import in order to avoid penalties

Before exporting or importing goods, businesses need to learn the legal regulations on import and export commodity of Vietnam and the country import or export. 

This will help the business avoid the legal risks and ensure the goods to be imported and exported in a legal way.

Determine the correct items HS code

Items and HS code is the important information to calculate taxes, fees and other fees related to import and export goods. 

Enterprises need to identify the right items, and the HS code of goods to ensure the accuracy during the process of customs declaration.

Fully prepared to records and documents necessary

To be able to export or import goods, businesses need to prepare adequate records and documents required under the provisions of the law. 

The records and documents will be used for customs clearance and made the procedure of export and import goods.

Select the supplier or reputable partners

For export operations, enterprises need to choose a reputable supplier to ensure the goods quality and delivery time. 

For import operations, businesses need to choose reputable partners to ensure the goods quality and reasonable price.

Choose the method of transport is suitable

Modes of transport will affect the cost, duration and risk of operation export and import goods. Businesses need to choose the method of transportation in accordance with the requirements of the goods and conditions of business.

Join cargo insurance

Participation in cargo insurance will help businesses minimize risk in case of damaged goods, loss or lost in the shipping process.

Check the goods before to export or import

Enterprises need to carefully check goods before export or import to make sure the goods meet the quality requirements, standards, and rule of law.

Track the status of goods in the shipping process

Condition of goods during transportation should be regularly and monitored carefully
Should closely monitor the condition of goods during transportation

Businesses need to monitor the condition of goods during transportation to promptly handle the problems that arise.

Pay tax free export and import

Business need pay the tax fee, import and export according to the rule of law.

Reporting export and import

Businesses need reports export and import according to the rule of law.

In addition, businesses also need to note a number of problems after the export or import of goods:

Calculate the cost of import and export

Business need the calculated cost of export and import to ensure operation export and import with interest.

Ensure security and safety for goods

Businesses need to ensure security and safety for the goods during transport and storage.

Implementation of the provisions on protection of the environment: Business needed to carry out the provisions on protection of environment in the process of export and import goods.

So choose which company to perform procedures to import and export goods?

Should use shipping services entrusted import and export services of any company?
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The transport and trade of goods between countries, businesses have to go through the process of making the customs complex, difficult. This required the business to grasp and understand the rules of evidence from the export and import and the related paperwork.

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