Import And Export Services Ho Chi Minh City, Professional, Good Price

Import And Export Services Ho Chi Minh City, Professional, Good Price

Import and export services are lively place towards specialization. This means that the company focus on its field. The production company then create goods and products are good quality, higher competitive ability. Bringing goods to the water delivery back to the company, the 3rd charge. From there, the form of service advent. Probably no need to explain, you'll understand import and export services what is? But import and export services in place, why? To trade smoothly, the procedure of import-export 3rd party will include what? Import and export services hcmc any reputable worthy for you to choose coordinate? Find out right here.

Import-EXPORT activities are getting more policy support from The State.

Import and export activities of the business are getting more policy support from The State.


The concept of import and export services 3

Import and export services what is?

Import and export activity is buying and selling, exchanging goods and services between Vietnamese enterprises and foreign enterprises.

So, import and export services what is? That phrase only all professional service for exchange process above. It includes transportation, insurance, customs clearance, registration agencies state...

Import and export services 3 what is the party?

Import and export 3rd party is export-import operations with the participation of the party Tuesday. This form is quite common nowadays. In it, the business produced, commercial use, professional service due to the 3rd party provider. For example, the cooperative is A wholesale durian for Chinese business. Instead of putting train schedule, car rental, customs clearance, please certificates, etc. cooperative will use a trustee service import and export of HNT Logistics. Because HNT Logistics professionals do these things so the process will go smoothly, more quickly. In return, the cooperative is A just need to pay a certain fee, with the price of services at HNT Logistics.

In this direction, the business of production, trade can focus resources to do good manufacturing expertise, find customers, market development. Stitch bring the goods to the customers and partners will do business logistics take.

HNT Logistics made package procedure export import 3rd party.

HNT Logistics execution export durian package for customers.


Import and export services 3rd party in place is what?

From the strong development of the form import export the open door policy of The state, we still have 1 type of import and export services 3 new parties. In it, people don't love to the participation of logistics partner again. 3 sides are mentioned here are 3 subject directly involved buy it, sell it to possession of the goods. This form is called spot export 3rd party.

In essence, this is still the contract between the domestic enterprises with foreign. But the unique point is that goods still in the “in place”, ie you do not need to leave the borders of Vietnam. Take, for example, specific Viet Nam company A sells coffee for foreign company B. But instead of waiting to receive the goods in a foreign country, company B resumed specify the shipment that coffee to the Vietnamese company C to the implementation stage delivery, distribution then. At this time, 3 companies are exchanged in the form of import and export services in place.

Procedure for import and export 3rd party, what to include?

Here, we in turn will recommend the type of procedure in 2 cases introduced above. 

Procedure export import conventional

The first is the case of business use import and export services professional. The import or export procedures, what to include depends on the type of goods. However, the evidence from mandatory always have to have such as:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs paperwork

In addition, the papers may or may not depending on commercial contracts such as:

  • The pro-forma invoice
  • Letter of credit
  • Evidence of coverage
  • Paper certificate of origin
  • Stock from quarantine
  • Certificate of quality
  • Hygiene certificate
  • Certificate of fumigation
  • ...
Procedure for import and export 3rd party, what to include?

Customs procedure can be done quickly if you understand the laws, regulations and processes.

Only when going into specific items export import, what is the point to where you can know for sure the procedure I need to have what is. If using a service package for the 3rd would stand out to handle the whole.

Procedure for import and export 3rd party spot

With the case of spot export procedure, export import 3 basic side still includes the type on. That is in addition to the required documents, other vouchers will depend on specific items. However, instead of just doing 1 set export or import procedures at this time need full 2 stitches import at the same time. In addition, the procedures also should note the provisions on the liability of the parties involved. Along with that is the details of the process, the duration of each stage.

Import and export services ho chi minh city reputation

All forms of export are required to spend quite a lot of execution time. Therefore, the support of the service provider, are still sorely needed. If you are looking for service partners, import-export ho chi minh city, consider HNT Logistics.

HNT Logistics is the shortened name of Trade co., LTD, Freight forwarders HNT. The company established from the year 2011 in Ho Chi Minh city. Up to now, HNT Logistics has more than 12 years of experience working with services like:

  • Shipping and receiving:done shipping services North and South, and shipping agricultural productsfruits, marine products export Asia and Middle East area.
  • Procedure export: Professional, consulting, trustee, record the transit profile, import, export, fast, serving the trade between the countries
  • Freight FCL: Specialized in sea freight, road, connecting customers with the partner, the airline ships international.
  • For rent warehouse: valet service depot with a prime location, fully equipped to make save the the car, the cold storage of goods do inspection service...
HNT Logistics provides full import and export services ho chi minh city.

HNT Logistics provides full import and EXPORT services for business.


Here is the information about services and procedures for import and export 3rd party we want to share with you. Expect that you will understand the forms, regulations, and peace of mind engaged in buying and selling.

If you are also looking for their logistics partner at the prestigious ho chi minh city, please contact HNT Logistics. Our team of professional, experienced, enthusiastic, always willing to answer any questions. Besides service quality, HNT Logistics also committed to competitive fees for all customers.